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Recent news and/or miscellaneous ramblings about our products.

SmartWrap 2.9.2 64-bit for macOS 10.12 is ready!

Our very first product, SmartWrap, just got a much needed update.  The “smart” text cleaning application now works on 10.12 and its full 64-bit on macOS 10.12.

The upgrade is free for all owners of SmartWrap 2.x!

Yes, you need to upgrade to PasswordWallet for Mac OS X 4.8.5

If you’re running Mac OS X version 10.9 or later and PasswordWallet 4.8.4, it is critical that you upgrade to version 4.8.5 of PasswordWallet for Mac OS X.

We have two problems in version 4.8.4:

1. Our automatic update mechanism fails silently.
2. A few hours ago we discovered an inadvertent security hole and fixed it immediately.

Please download and install the latest version of  PasswordWallet from the URL below.

These issues only affect users of PasswordWallet 4.8.4 for Mac OS X.  If you’re not running this version that has been out for only a few days, please ignore this message.

You’ve placed your trust in us for 20 years of PasswordWallet. Nothing like this has happened to us before.  We’re contacting you about this problem because it’s the only responsible course of action.  Please accept our apologies.

Sincerely yours,
Sanford Selznick

Upgrading while running Mac OS 10.12

Our old upgrade method in the old PasswordWallet didn’t work right on Mac OS X 12, Sierra.  Good news: We were able to fix it server-side, so just check for updates again from the “PasswordWallet” menu, and all should be well!

While this issue didn’t affect all users, it did affect some of you.  So thank you for your patience as we figure out the idiosyncrasies in the new OS!

PasswordWallet 4.8.3 for Mac OS updates user experience

PasswordWallet 4.8.3 for Mac is now 64-bit clean, and fixes lots of details in the user experience!  Read about the details here:

PasswordWallet fixes problems with Touch ID on iOS 10

If you’ve had trouble with Touch ID in PasswordWallet on iOS 10, upgrade on the iOS AppStore!  Apple approved our fix today, and users are telling us it’s working.

See what’s new in PasswordWallet 4.8.6 for iOS:

PasswordWallet 4.8.4 for iOS Update

Our new update to PasswordWallet 4.8.4 for iOS addresses issues for users with Dropbox Sync, landscape mode on some iPads, and small improvements when using Touch ID to unlock your wallet.  Be sure to update to the latest version!

New PasswordWallet 4.8.0 for iOS 8 Coming Soon!

There is a conflict between iOS 8 and the old PasswordWallet.  Please update to PasswordWallet 4.8.0 for compatibility with iOS 8.  The update is free and your data should still be on your device after the update.  However, we suggest backing up your data before you upgrade, just in case.  Please follow the instructions below.



Update 1: You should back up your PasswordWallet data before updating.  Then, if you want, you can then use this backup to access data on your Mac or Windows computer.  Here’s how:

On your device:

  1. Tap PW
  2. Tap Backup  (You should do this step whether you continue or not!)
  3. Use one of the presented methods to move your .passwordWallet4 file to your Mac or Windows computer
  4. Download and install PasswordWallet for your Mac or Windows computer from our web site.  You don’t have to buy it.  The demo period is very long and should get you through until the iOS version is updated.

Please let us know if you have any problems.



PasswordWallet for iOS 8 is coming soon!  The new version will sport unlock with Touch ID, new password generation templates just like PasswordWallet for Mac or Windows.  And a whole new look and feel for a great iOS 8 (or iOS 7) experience.

Stay tuned!  We’re very excited about this next update and we hope to have it up on the AppStore in just a few days!

Update 2: Yes, this will be a free update for all users of PasswordWallet for iOS.

Update 3: PasswordWallet for iOS 8 was submitted to Apple a few days ago.  It’s just awaiting approval from Apple.

Update 4: I’ve asked Apple to expedite the approval process, and they’ve said they would.

Update 5: Here’s a screenshot:


Update 6: [Sept 18, 1:05 pm PST] We just received word that PasswordWallet 4.8.0 for iOS 8 has been approved by Apple.  From experience we know it will take a few hours for the app to appear in the AppStore.  All users should back up their data before updating.



The Heartbleed Bug

No versions of PasswordWallet have ever used OpenSSL and therefore are not vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.  However, web sites you visit may still have the bug.  You should check with individual vendors to see if they’ve addressed their Heartbleed issues.

Read about Heartbleed.

Hidden Feature: Switching between wallets

PasswordWallet is unique because it can handle multiple wallet files with ease.

Users can have one wallet file for work, one for home, one for their kid’s passwords, and maybe separate wallet files for clients.  Just like having multiple documents in a word processor, a spreadsheet, or even TextEdit, PasswordWallet can create new wallet files right from the File menu.  But you already knew that.

Did you know that PasswordWallet can open one wallet file from another?  Our users all know that entries within wallets contain the usernames and passwords for the web sites they use all the time.  But what about other wallet files?

PasswordWallet users can create an entry in one wallet file to open another!  Just set the URL field of an entry to the file:///path of the other wallet.  If the Password field of the entry contains the other file’s master password, PasswordWallet will open the other file right away.  (On iOS devices the path should just be the name of the other file.  If you sync with Mac or Windows, PW is smart enough to use just the file name on iOS.)

Once the entry is set up, just click the URL button as you would with any entry, and the other wallet will open!  And yes, this works on Windows, Mac and iOS too.


New PasswordWallet Backup Extractor

What’s a Backup Extractor?  On iOS devices, your data is not only stored with the the app, but also under the iTunes ID you purchased the app with.  So if you delete PW from your device, and reinstall from another account ID, your data won’t be restored correctly, if at all.

So I created the PasswordWallet Backup Extractor.  It looks through iTunes’ private backups for your data, and if it finds it, copies it politely to your Desktop.

Today I released a new version, now signed with Developer ID, so you won’t get those pesky security warnings when you run it.