Monthly Archives: November 2007

Quick update to PasswordWallet 4.3.1

We just updated PasswordWallet 4.3.1 to fix two small problems. All white background colors weren’t always being saved correctly, and the system color picker was stealing command-keys equivalents 1-4 from our dynamic Categories menu. How rude! Enjoy!

PasswordWallet 4.3 for Mac OS X and iPhone

PasswordWallet 4.3 for iPhone brings the ability to open URLs in new windows so you can pop back and forth to make reference to usernames and passwords. This update also includes font size preferences, larger targets for clicking rows, a faster display, and better handling of large password databases. PasswordWallet 4.3 for Mac OS […]

SmartWrap 2.7.4 now Leopard Ready!

Our very first product gets another update! SmartWrap now includes preferences for font sizes, a compatibility update for Leopard Mail, and a Leopard compatible installer for all its plug-ins including support for BBEdit, MailSmith,, Eudora, AppleScript, and much more.