Monthly Archives: March 2010

Backup and Restore: Our best feature since auto-typing

There’s a little problem with third party apps: If you delete a third party app from your iPhone, all of the app’s data gets deleted too. This is really bad for apps like PasswordWallet that store lots of critical user data. To further complicate matters, lots of iPhone users don’t run PasswordWallet for Mac OS […]

PasswordWallet 4.5 for Android and Palm webOS

Easily create encrypted exports of your PasswordWallet files from Mac OS X or Windows, and copy them right to your mounted device. Our new FREE readers for Android and webOS will see these files and open them. No network synchronization required. Just drag them over.

PasswordWallet 4.5 for Windows Mobile

PasswordWallet 4.5 for Windows Mobile now works great on Windows Mobile 6.5 devices, takes advantage of full screen notes, and even auto-types in to browsers! This update is free for all registered users of PasswordWallet 4.x for Windows Mobile!

PasswordWallet 4.5 for iPhone

PasswordWallet 4.5 for iPhone adds great new features: a completely new Backup and Restore mechanism that works with any computer with no special software required. No more losing your data when you get new devices or when iTunes goes batty. Also included is a brand new synchronization mechanism that can sync your data with MobileMe, […]

PasswordWallet 4.5 for Windows Beta 1

We are ecstatic to bring PasswordWallet 4.5 to Windows! It has a completely native user interface that is strikingly similar to the simple and tight user interface of the Mac version. And it even shares the exact same file format. Transfer your files back and forth as much as you want! Auto-typing, file synchronization, search, […]

PasswordWallet 4.5 for Mac OS X

PasswordWallet 4.5 for Mac OS X adds four completely new synchronization methods: MobileMe, WebDAV, Computer-to-Computer, Computer-to-iPhone. Also added are special encrypted exports that can be easily copied to Android or Palm webOS devices for use with all new PasswordWallet Readers. This release also includes organizational changes to group the synchronization and export mechanisms together so […]