Monthly Archives: October 2016

Yes, you need to upgrade to PasswordWallet for Mac OS X 4.8.5

If you’re running Mac OS X version 10.9 or later and PasswordWallet 4.8.4, it is critical that you upgrade to version 4.8.5 of PasswordWallet for Mac OS X. We have two problems in version 4.8.4: 1. Our automatic update mechanism fails silently. 2. A few hours ago we discovered an inadvertent security hole and fixed […]

Upgrading while running Mac OS 10.12

Our old upgrade method in the old PasswordWallet didn’t work right on Mac OS X 12, Sierra.  Good news: We were able to fix it server-side, so just check for updates again from the “PasswordWallet” menu, and all should be well! While this issue didn’t affect all users, it did affect some of you.  So […]

PasswordWallet 4.8.3 for Mac OS updates user experience

PasswordWallet 4.8.3 for Mac is now 64-bit clean, and fixes lots of details in the user experience!  Read about the details here:

PasswordWallet fixes problems with Touch ID on iOS 10

If you’ve had trouble with Touch ID in PasswordWallet on iOS 10, upgrade on the iOS AppStore!  Apple approved our fix today, and users are telling us it’s working. See what’s new in PasswordWallet 4.8.6 for iOS: