Introducing PasswordWallet for Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Nokia Mobile Phones!

We put a lot of effort into reworking our bookmarklet technology. And we discovered something along the way: Our bookmarklets that used to be the only way to run PasswordWallet on your iPhone also work on lots of other devices running Apple’s WebKit technology, such as browsers in modern Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Nokia devices! We’ve even created a streamlined way for you to export your data to special web pages that can be bookmarked right from your device. And it’s a great solution.

And for devices without a whole lot of memory, PasswordWallet bookmarklets can be broken up automatically. Just specify their size when you export!

The best part: PasswordWallet for WebKit is now free (and built-in) to PasswordWallet for Mac OS X!

Read all about it here, complete with a special page you can visit to test with your phone: