Hidden Feature: Switching between wallets

PasswordWallet is unique because it can handle multiple wallet files with ease.

Users can have one wallet file for work, one for home, one for their kid’s passwords, and maybe separate wallet files for clients.  Just like having multiple documents in a word processor, a spreadsheet, or even TextEdit, PasswordWallet can create new wallet files right from the File menu.  But you already knew that.

Did you know that PasswordWallet can open one wallet file from another?  Our users all know that entries within wallets contain the usernames and passwords for the web sites they use all the time.  But what about other wallet files?

PasswordWallet users can create an entry in one wallet file to open another!  Just set the URL field of an entry to the file:///path of the other wallet.  If the Password field of the entry contains the other file’s master password, PasswordWallet will open the other file right away.  (On iOS devices the path should just be the name of the other file.  If you sync with Mac or Windows, PW is smart enough to use just the file name on iOS.)

Once the entry is set up, just click the URL button as you would with any entry, and the other wallet will open!  And yes, this works on Windows, Mac and iOS too.