Re-enabling Auto-Typing on mac OS

Apple’s superb mac OS has a few extra security features.  Before you can auto-type your username and password in to any application, you’ll have to grant permissions to allow PasswordWallet to auto-type. Sometimes mac OS forgets which applications have been granted this permission. This can happen if you have (or have ever had) multiple versions of PasswordWallet installed.

To re-enable auto-typing, do this:

  1. The first time you auto-type, you’ll be presented with the following prompt.  Click “Open System Preferences“.
  1. Within system preferences, select “Security and Privacy” and be sure to allow PasswordWallet to access “Accessibility” Settings per below:  (If PasswordWallet is already present, remove it with the “-” button and re-add it with the “+” button.  Be sure you’re adding the right PasswordWallet in case you have two of them installed.)
  1. Once done, PasswordWallet will be able to auto-type on Catalina!  If it doesn’t work, remove PasswordWallet from the list, restart your computer, and then re-add PasswordWallet per above.